How to Get the Full Experience of Caribbean Holidays

When you go to the Caribbean and, specifically, to Antigua for a holiday, you want to have a truly epic time! There’s no point in going away for a mundane vacation, right? Instead, enjoy a luxury villa holiday experience by staying at the Carib House in Turtle Bay, located on Antigua’s southern coast.

A Warm Welcome

An ordinary welcome will never do. Instead, have your travel in a rental car from the airport to the gorgeous villa coordinated by the Carib House to ensure a safe and smooth arrival. So begins your amazing experience of Caribbean holidays!The Carib House offers you a personalized tour of the villa when you arrive there and provides you with recommendations for local experiences, including:

  • Amazing places to dine
  • The best beaches
  • Top aquatic rental places

The luxurious rental lodge is well-known for having warm and attentive staff. It sleeps up to ten people within five spacious bedrooms. There is 5,000 square feet of house and a 4,000-feet terrace.

Take Away the Stress

To get an amazing luxury villa holiday experience, choose a villa that takes care of the details for you. That way you and your group, if you travel with one, can enjoy a peaceful getaway and live in the moment in the exotic environment.

this is another image generated by the MOMENT is CAPTURED photography and video team.
this is another image generated by the MOMENT is CAPTURED photography and video team.

Take a plunge in the Carib House pool and enjoy the peace of mind of having everything taken care of for you. Simply ask for your favorite drink to sip on as you relax before having one of the cooks make a meal consisting of fresh local cuisine for you. Ceiling fans and air conditioning help keep you and your traveling companions comfortable day and night.

Personalized Attention

There is no request too big when it comes to the Carib House experience of Caribbean holidays. The villa staff is happy to accommodate you to ensure you have a happy memory of the vacation!

If you are eager to try the popular Antique water activities, such as scuba diving and snorkeling, simply ask the staff to book them for you. The villa team knows the local area well and can recommend the best places to go. Daily maid service is included with your stay.

Booking Year Round

Get the Antigua luxury villa holiday experience any time of the year. There are popular events happening, including Carnival, and the Carib House provides a lovely place to stay while enjoying the entertainment options. Get the full experience of Caribbean holidays by booking with the Carib House today.

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